Saturday, July 21, 2012

歡迎 (huān yíng) - Welcome!

Welcome! Welcome one! Welcome all! Welcome to our blog! You have found us! You have discovered us! :) We are happy to have you here reading and keeping up with our adventures! As we continue enjoying our honeymoon, the "World's Greatest Honeymoon", we would love to share with you epic stories and pictures of our adventurous journey!

As many know, Rachel and I (Benjamin) got married on May 26th of this final year on earth (oh wait! 2012 isn't the end anymore!) and are going to Xinzheng, China to teach English at Sias International University come August 15. We plan on going on cultural trips and forming purposeful relationships with our students. Yes! We definitely plan on posting hundreds of pictures for you here to take a trip all around China with us right in front of your very own computer screen. If you are possibly interested in learning more about our teaching program, you may do so by clicking here.

Rachel and I will tag-team posting on this blog! She definitely is the more eloquent writer (not to mention she has a better sense of humor) so keep an eye out for her posts here.

On a more serious note, we appreciate everyone's support and prayers as we embark on this one-year journey overseas. We are convinced that this will be a great way to spend our first year of marriage together!


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