Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We Are Alive!

After a whirlwind summer of great family trips, [over] eating, crazy traveling, and even a wedding, Ben and I arrived back in China at the end of August.

We were looking forward to getting back to a nice routine and a slower pace. That did not happen. Instead, we were greeted with many surprises. Ben's leadership role in our community took a huge jump in responsibilities and time commitments.

My surprise came in the form of finding that my new teaching job's courses were not developed, and the teacher who would be teaching the other courses of the Global Business English department wasn't in China yet!

Hence, September and much of October just flew by without hardly any rest.

We will try to catch you up on our semester here now that classes are over (for me), and I'm actually experiencing some free time now.

Stay...with us.

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